Thursday, November 27, 2008

[...The eyes - a mirror of the soul...]

I can hear you think: eyes? What’s this all about! Yes, eyes

You look someone in the eyes and you see your life flashing as in a movie. Of course it’s not only the eyes that you meet, they are someone’s eyes, but at that particular moment you don’t see it. You only see and feel recognition and you would prefer to run away and never meet those eyes again.

It has nothing to do with twin souls, it’s just the sadness, pain, loneliness and joy or whatever happened to your life. We call it recognition.

Sometimes you need to see it in someone’s eyes, especially when you cannot reach your own feeling because you have shut it off.

When this happens to you, you may think: “okay, that’s enough, I get the message”, but when it turns out to be not enough, you will undoubtedly be confronted with a pair of eyes again. It may be with the same person, but it may also be someone else, it doesn’t matter. Although it’s easier if it’s someone else, because if it’s always the same person, he or she might react strangely

Eyes are the mirror of the soul and no matter if it reflects your soul or the soul of the other person, you will learn from both.

And what do you think about?...


a13x4ndr said...

Is that your eyes? Wow!

John said...

That's a nice post.. interessant:)
You're beautiful writer..

Explore said...

Yes, our eyes are our life